Colleen & Austin - Chelsea & Joey Photography

One of our family members actually referred us to Colleen and we’re so glad they did! This, in fact, was our first beach wedding.

We went on this journey not really knowing what to expect. We knew where we needed to be at what time, and we got the ball rolling from there. Poor Colleen, she ran into several logistical issues on her wedding today, but she had an amazing maid of honor, and family who made a lot happen!

As photographers, we see the whole picture of the wedding day, and sometimes see things that those involved just can’t because they have other things to enjoy and worry about. One thing we love to do is to serve our clients. We don’t mind steaming dresses, getting people where they need to be, and doing whatever it takes to make sure not only our clients but their families are well taken care of.

The ceremony was gorgeous, and we were all lucky to have cooperative weather that day! After the ceremony came the reception which was a lot of fun. They both had pretty big families and let us tell ya, they weren’t afraid to break it down on the dance floor!

We had a blast, and having a trip to the beach is always good for the soul!

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