Collins & Michael - Chelsea & Joey Photography

Do you ever see couples that are just 100% perfect for one another? You see it in their interaction, there eyes, and their body language. I know Chelsea and I are that way, but we love seeing it in our clients. It makes us happy.

Collins & Michael met in college. One thing we love is the story. The stories of our clients are all uniques. All different. All authentic. The same goes for these two lovebirds.

We were brought in to photograph the rehearsal dinner, video the speeches, and highlight the dinner, as well as the reception after the wedding ceremony. The rehearsal dinner was held at The Depot in downtown Dothan!

Being behind the camera during things like the speeches, the slideshows, and the games can be super-difficult! There is so much joy and laughter in the room it is extremely tough to contain my laughter the whole time, but I can’t mess up the audio with my girlish giggles.

We were thrilled to have had the chance to provide these families with heirlooms they’ll cherish forever and ever.

- Joey


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