Laminate to DIY Granite Countertop Tutorial - Chelsea & Joey Photography

When we moved into our house we decided that the countertops had to be updated. We did not have the money to buy completely new countertops so Chelsea did some research on good ole Pinterest and discovered that we could paint our existing laminate ones.

Items you will need:

-Cleaning solution of your choice

-Sandpaper (150-220 Grit)

-Primer (tinted to the base color you want)

-Acrylic paint (we used 6 different colors 2 small bottles each bought from Michael’s)

-Sea Sponge

-Minwax Polycrylic Water based Polyurethane Clear Satin

-Foam Roller and pan

-Paintbrush 2 in wide

Overall Time needed for this project: 2-3 days

Time for applying primer: 10-15 minutes each time

Time for applying Acrylic Paint: 30 minutes

Time for applying Polycrylic: 10-15 minutes

The countertops had to be prepped first. This required wiping them down with a cleaning solution of your choice and then sanding them. We spilled some paint on ours while working on other projects so we had to sand it with 80 Grit but 150-220 Grit will work just fine. You want to get the shine off the laminate. Once the sanding is complete, wipe the countertops off to get all the dust off. Next you will need to use painters tape to tape any walls exposed to the counter as well as the stove and sink. This will prevent you from having to repaint the walls or use a scraper on the sink and stove. (Not speaking from experience or anything) Now you are ready to prime the laminate.

Depending on what look you are going for will depend on the color of primer you choose. We painted our bottom cabinets black and it was a paint and primer in one. There was some leftover so we just used that on the countertops. The first coat dried within 2 hours (because we live in the deep south of Alabama and our air conditioning wasn’t working at the time) so we applied a second coat in order to have a solid foundation. Once that was completely dry, it was time for the sponging of the granite.

We allowed for this to dry for a couple of hours before starting to put the protective coating on. We used Minwax Polycrylic Water based Polyurethane Clear Satin. For the first coat, we used a foam roller. After this dried two hours later, we lightly sanded the countertops with the 220 Grit to buff out any of the bubbles and bumps. The counters needed to be wiped again before the next coat was put on. We used a foam roller again and allowed those layers to dry overnight. The next morning we lightly sanded them again before using a paintbrush to apply the next layer. This protective finish needs 2 hours of dry time in between each coat. The 4th and 5th layers were applied with a paint brush to provide a smooth finish and did not need sanding in between coats.

Once the last coat has been applied, wait 24 hours before putting anything on the countertops to ensure that it has cured.

This whole process will take 2-3 days because everything has to dry in between coats. You can definitely do this during a normal work week if you work a little in the morning before work and then finish when you get home.

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