Our 1st Year of Marriage - Chelsea & Joey Photography

As our 6th wedding anniversary approaches I can't help but to reflect of the previous years. We recently took a trip to where we began our marital journey. The place we called home for the first year of our marriage. Some people say that the first year is the hardest years. I would have to disagree because it was my favorite. It was the time where we only had each other. Our family was far away. Joey and I drew so close during our first year doing life together.  Join us as we head down memory lane and share the first part of our story.

This is Hunter Street Baptist Church. The "Six Flags" of churches, as I liked to call it. The place was massive! I completed my undergrad internship in the Recreation Ministry right before Joey and I got married. We decided that whoever got offered a job first, that is what city we would move to. Birmingham would be the place we put on our return address labels, but this church was our home. It's where we found our people. We were mentored by some amazing people and also had the opportunity to invest in the lives of those younger than us. We spent many of times in the student building being challenged in our faith while serving. We are so grateful for the time spent there. Our foundation is solid because God was at the center of our relationship from the get-go. Marriage is God-ordained and it is one of the greatest gifts in life. I am thankful that the good Lord blessed us with such sweet, sweet memories. 


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