Shannon & Jeff (Engagement) - Chelsea & Joey Photography

Sometimes how we meet people in life happens in the most unexpected ways. Shannon and Jeff met one another at an event to award and celebrate the best teachers in the area! They were both up for awards that night, so in essence, they were competitors.

Little did they know, when they met at that faithful, it would change their lives forever. After that night, they began talking, hanging out, and eventually dating. Shannon, Chelsea and I were classmates at Troy University, so the day we say on Facebook Shannon got engaged we had to reach out to congratulate her! It just so happened that we told Shannon about our business in that message, and here we are!

We met at Camp Helen State Park in Panama City Beach. Chelsea and I had never been there! It was amazing! We hung out near the little cabins for a little bit and then we made our way to the beach! Just getting to know Jeff and see how these two interacted with each other was so much fun. Lot of laughter throughout the entire session which we love!

We can’t wait for their wedding!

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