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Take Courage

Take courage my heart.

Stay steadfast my soul.

He’s in the waiting.


Does anyone else need a gentle reminder sometimes that everything will be okay? We all face our own trials and tribulations but what this song reminds us of is that God is here.

I have had the privilege of teaching a 7th and 8th grade Bible class at school this year. We have studied a majority of the Old Testament thus far. There have been people that have faced far worse trials than I ever will. A common theme throughout the Bible is that people go through some hard stuff but God is always present refining them and teaching them something valuable. I am sure that they had their own timeline of when they thought their trial should be over just like we do. Daniel’s issues started when he was 15 and did not ease up until he was 85. Joseph’s timeline was similar in the fact that his problems started in his teen years and eased up about 20 years later. I am not sure about you, but I find that strangely comforting.

Take courage my heart.

Stay steadfast my soul.

He is in the waiting.

I was listening to sermon about the book of Daniel and the pastor said that instead of focusing on the ending or outcome, we should find rest in the waiting. Wow. What an eye opening perspective. I have found that when I stay focused on God and refining my relationship with Him then my anxiety level goes down. Anyone else struggle with anxiety and depression? If so, I hope this beautiful song encourages you just as much as it has me. The rest of the chorus of this song is just as encouraging:

Hold on to your hope.

As your triumph unfolds.

He’s never failing.

What an amazing promise! During our waiting, He is preparing our triumph! Our God loves us so much that he presents us with gifts in the form of a trial to comfort us in the fact that the victory has already been won and He will NEVER fail us!

Our little family is in a deep season of trials and tribulations right now but we are so encouraged that God is working things out for our God. This season has lasted about a year so far and we haven’t been able to wrap our minds around what He is doing. I am the type of person who needs a visual that I haven’t been forgotten. Well God has been blessing us with sweet little surprises all along the way. Hold on to your hope. I find that ironic because my maiden name is Hope. I am clinging to the daily reminder of hope that my triumph is coming. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am buying party supplies to celebrate the truth in God’s promise of never failing. Our time is coming and so is yours. We will send out the invitations for you to celebrate with us when it’s our turn. We can’t wait to celebrate when your triumph unfolds!

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