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Wedding or Event Coordinator-Why you need them

Are you a DIY Queen or does the thought of organizing and planning a wedding frighten you? Maybe you are somewhere in between. We thought that we would give our two cents about hiring a wedding coordinator since we have had the chance to work weddings that did have a coordinator and some that did not.

Our advice is definitely hire someone. Even if it is just the day of (even though they do so much more that just things on the day of) They are the ones who handle making sure all the vendors are on time as well as answer any questions that they may have throughout the day. This way the bride does not have to worry about a single thing that day. 

But you may be saying, “My mom loves to be in charge. She can totally handle that.” But wouldn’t you want to enjoy the day with your mom and not have to stress about any of it? Your mom can still work with the coordinator if she likes to be in charge for sure!

We as photographers love having a coordinator to work with throughout the day. We become a team and help get everything accomplished. We know that we have a go-to person to ask simple questions that may come up or help us keep everyone on time. They help us gather friends and loved ones for pictures. They make sure that the caterer makes a plate for the bride and groom at the beginning of the reception so you can eat your yummy meal. They communicate with the DJ about different events that are happening. 

You may be the type of bride who wold rather have someone else make a lot of the decisions for you. Or you may not have the time to call all your vendors and touch base with people. Enter in the superwoman coordinator who will handle all of that for you.

They help make timelines with your photographer. They help with mapping out where everyone needs to stand during the ceremony. They stand at the back of the ceremony site telling people when to go. They do a whole lot.

We think you should at least talk to a coordinator to see if that fits into your plan and day. We HIGHLY recommend our girl Shea from Shea Wilson Events located in Dothan.

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