Downtown Knoxville Elopement Part 2

Aren't they gorgeous?!

Bailey and Triston had an outfit change after running through the streets of downtown Knoxville. Bailey is wearing a stunning white jumpsuit while Triston added an awesome hat a shedded the jacket to show off the suspenders.

They are enamored by each others love in every photograph. The sweet giggles and the amazing chemistry made the shoot go off without a hitch. The flowers add a wonderful pop of color off of her white jumpsuit.

We ventured down Graffiti Alley for a colorful backdrop. Earlier in the day our family explored the area and we even got to see a local artist painting. We got to ask her lots of questions about how do people get chosen to paint down this iconic alley. Only a few people get chosen a year to paint their artwork. What an honor!

After the alley, we went to the rooftop bar of Embassy Suites. The intimate setting on the roof was breathtaking. How lucky we were to capture such beauty.

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